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Thermenpreise 2021 - EN


RELAX! ONE-DAY VACATION A SHORT VACATION WITH A LONG-TERM EFFECT Relax! one day ticket for the Thermal bath, sauna and fitness facilities Relax! check-in from 09.00 am Relax! fully equipped rental bath basket Relax! flip flops as a gift Relax! lounger at the Relax! lounge reserved for you Relax! -15 %* discount at the Treatment & SPA area Relax! breakfast in the thermal spa restaurant Relax! culinary delights at the lounge Relax! gourmet voucher** worth EUR 15 Relax! snack station in the Relax! lounge Relax! voucher worth EUR 5 for your next Relax! One-day vacation Relax! free parking and e-charging station in the thermal spa garage Admission and use of the Premium SPA 3000*** * Early reservation is strongly recommended. ** Redeemable on the day of your Relax! one-day vacation. *** Only for RELAX! one-day vacation deluxe guests Relax! One-day vacation Mon-Fri Sat/ Sun/ Public holiday Relax! One-day vacation EUR 88 EUR 98 RELAX! *Exclusively One-day for vacation RELAX! one-day deluxevisit deluxe guests! EUR 108 EUR 128 including SPA 3000 EXCLUSIVE OFFER - upon advance booking only T +43 5253 6400 6001 | E

HOW TO PROTECT OURSELVES ACCESS CHECK - ACCORDING TO THE 3-G RULE German abbreviation for “geimpft, getestet, genesen” – vaccinated, tested, recovered Please bring the proof with you. MINIMUM DISTANCE OF 1 METER to other persons must be observed throughout the entire thermal spa area (does not apply to people from the same household). Please observe the floor markings & barriers. HYGIENE Please take a shower before swimming or using the sauna. Additionally, disinfect and wash your hands thoroughly several times a day. All areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected. FFP2 - FACIAL MASK Wearing an FFP2 mask is compulsory except in the water pools and at the seating sections in the food service areas. You receive a CHIP-WRISTBAND (which is disinfected before it is handed out) at the entrance. You can use it as a key for your wardrobe/locker or to book all your purchases and services: Pay conveniently when you leave the thermal bath. LOUNGING | RELAXATION AREAS | SAUNA A sign on your loungers indicates that it has been disinfected. The entire sauna area is available for you without restriction (infusions excluded). Please also observe the distance rule and restriction on the number of persons, as signposted in the sauna/ steam bath. TREATMENT & SPA | FITNESS You can register for both sections directly at our thermalbath information desk. Courses are offered outdoors, in the hotel and in the fitness centre (see course schedule). Please disinfect the fitness equipment before and after use. The FFP2 mask may be removed during sports activities. Please also keep the FFP2 mask on during applications in our treatment department. GASTRONOMY FFP2 facial masks, hand hygiene and outer clothing are compulsory. Please disinfect your hands at the entrance to all restaurants and bars. Registration is required by law (can be done directly at the table). There is a sign on the tables to indicate that your table has been disinfected. CHILDREN'S ANIMATION Due to the strict legal requirements, we are unfortunately unable to offer children’s entertainment for the time being.