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Thermenpreise 2021 - EN


ENERGY FLOWS, THE SPIRIT IS FREE. FITNESS ENDURANCE. POWER. MOTION. • Treadmills, arc trainer, bike and rowing ergometers, ITENSIC back training circle, CYBEX cable pulling machine, SLING TRAINER, CYBEX EAGLE SERIES and much more... • More than 40 sessions per week • Personal training: from muscle building or extra relaxation to better flexibility - our coaches design this session according to your individual goals and your training condition

SAUNA WORLD HEAT. RECREATION. POWER. • Loft-, earth-, canyon- and Heustadl sauna • Steam dome, brine steam bath, brine grotto • Herbal bath, infra-red stone-pine relaxation room • Outdoor pool, panoramic jacuzzi, relaxation rooms • Sauna bistro • Various infusions all day long and a wide variety of sauna ceremonies with our sauna masters