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Thermenpreise 2021 - EN

Thermenpreise -

©VamedVitalityWorld Photographer: Horaks PRICES Tickets/Time slots* Thermal Spa valid from 05.08.2021 Children Adults FLEXIBLE 3-hour ticket (betw. 10.00 am-05.00pm ) EUR 16 EUR 26 1-hour swimmers ticket EUR 10 3-hour morning ticket (only 9.00 am slot*) EUR 12 EUR 20 3-hour ticket (noon, 3.00 pm, 6.00 pm slot*) EUR 16 EUR 26 OPENING HOURS THERMAL BATH: SAUNA: FITNESS CENTER: TREATME NT & SPA: Daily from 09.00 am – 11.00 pm Daily from 10.00 am – 11.00 pm Open daily from 08.00 am – 10.00 pm Open daily from 09.00 am – 07.00 pm Relax, 365 days a year. Vacation. Wellness. Health. EN *Check-in from 9.00 am, noon, 3.00 pm, 6.00 pm Extra time** only with sufficient capacity (per 1/2 hour or part thereof) **Information is available on site EUR 1. 50 EUR 3 MOONLIGHT BATHING Every Friday, the thermal bath and the sauna is open until midnight. One-day tickets for the Thermal Spa daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm One-day ticket EUR 23 EUR 38 One-day ticket including sauna EUR 53 Family tickets for the Thermal Spa daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm Family ticket 2 adults and 1 child EUR 82 Family ticket 2 adults and 2 children EUR 95 THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA Gift vouchers from EUR 20 Family ticket 2 adults and 3 children EUR 108 Relax! one day ticket for the Thermal bath, sauna and fitness facilities Relax! check-in from 09.00 am Each additional child EUR 14 Evening tickets daily from 6.00 pm until the Thermal Spa closes Evening ticket for the Thermal Spa EUR 16 EUR 26 Evening ticket deluxe EUR 68 Thermal Spa + Sauna world + SPA 3000 + rental bath basket incl. bathrobe & bath towel for the evening + flip flops & shower gel as a gift + gourmet voucher worth EUR 15 WHAT YOU LOVE ALSO BRINGS JOY TO OTHERS! Relax! One-day vacation A short vacation with a long-term effect Relax! One-day vacation Relax! One-day vacation EUR 88 EUR 98 Relax! One-day vacation deluxe including SPA 3000 Mo n– Fri Sat/ Sun/ Public holiday EUR 108 EUR 128 EXCLUSIVE OFFER - upon advance booking only T +43 5253 6400 6001 | E Relax! fully equipped rental bath basket Relax! flip flops as a gift Relax! lounger at the Relax! lounge reserved for you Relax! -15 %* discount at the Treatment & spa area Relax! breakfast in the thermal spa restaurant Relax! culinary delights at the lounge Relax! gourmet voucher** worth EUR 15 Relax! snack station in the Relax! lounge Relax! voucher worth EUR 5 for your next Relax! One-day vacation Relax! free parking and e-charging station in the thermal spa garage Admission and use of the Premium SPA 3000*** * Early reservation is strongly recommended. ** Redeemable on the day of your Relax! one-day vacation. *** Only for RELAX! one-day vacation deluxe guests Rentals Bathrobe EUR 9 Bath towel EUR 6 Combination of bathrobe & bath towel EUR 12 Cabin supplement EUR 4 Other tariffs Surcharge for the SAUNA EUR 18 Surcharge for the FITNESS (has to be combined with an admission fee for the Thermal Spa) EUR 15 Single admission to the FITNESS EUR 20 Children rates generally apply from 3-14 years. Admission and use of the sauna, SPA 3000 and fitness is permitted for persons aged 15 and over. Discounts -20 % discount for persons with disabilities. Only valid on presentation of disability card, from 50% disability. -15% discount for students 1 and seniors 2 on one-day tickets and 3h-tickets 1 Only valid on presentation of an Austrian or International Student Identity Card (ISIC). 2 Senior citizens aged 65 and over. T +43 5253 6400 6001 WEB or on site at the info desk at the Thermal Spa Immerse yourself in the thermal spa and health resorts of VAMED Vitality World. The specified times or regulations may be changed at any time on account of unforeseeable legal provisions. Please consult our website in advance: Concept & Design: AQUA DOME - Tirol Therme Längenfeld GmbH & Co KG Oberlängenfeld 140 | A-6444 Längenfeld T +43 5253 6400 | F +43 5253 6400 480 E | facebook tiroltherme | instagram Image rights: AQUA DOME, Vamed Vitality World, Adobe Stock, Printed by: Changes, printing and typesetting errors reserved. All prices are per person, unless otherwise stated. Upon publication of this price list, all previous price lists become invalid. The General Terms and Conditions of the AQUA DO ME - Tirol Therme Längenfeld GmbH & CoKG. apply. In case of doubt, the prices on site are valid. V06 ENCBE Valid from 05.08.2021 WELLNESS FOR ALL SENSES PRICES & OFFERS BOOK HERE