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PAMPERING MOMENTS Alpine scrub. This special exfoliation stimulates the body's self-regulating functions, makes the skin soft, and invigorates it. Enjoy the fine scents of our products. Alpine fango. Embraced by the unique scent of alpine herbs, experience the rejuvenating, invigorating and detoxifying properties of the fango mud pack. Relax in our soft pack in an almost weightless condition. Beautifully alpine. An all-round treatment for a fresh and nurtured skin feeling. The alpine scrub cleanses the skin, followed by a relaxing, calming bath. Rounded off with an alpine fango treatment that revitalises your body and soothes your skin. Bathing ceremony. Relax in warm water and experience a full body water massage. The bath has a calming effect and optimally prepares the body for the subsequent massage. Spa music bath. Enjoy a soothing bath with music and coloured light. Relaxation for body and mind. 25 min EUR 45 25 min EUR 47 80 min EUR 132 25 min EUR 45 25 min EUR 42

PARTNER TREATMENTS - PAMPERING PLEASURE FOR TWO 07 Let two therapists pamper both of you together in our partner rooms and enjoy the time together with relaxing massages and a glass of Prosecco Price for 2 persons Relaxing massage for two. Relaxing full body massage with high-quality alpine oil. Enjoy the scent of the Alps and decelerate. Honey massage for two. Have your back pampered with a full body massage with honey-ginger oil, special massage-honey and a beeswax pack. 50 min EUR 198 50 min EUR 205