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02 CLASSIC MASSAGES Partial body massage. Professionally coordinated massage techniques for the back and legs. Gentle pressure loosens stiff muscles, releases tension and boosts the body's energy reserves. Full body massage. Classical massage techniques take you on a journey to deep relaxation and revitalise your body muscles. Foot-reflex massage. The feet reflect the entire body with its strengths and weaknesses. Trained massage techniques harmonise tense reflex zones and the entire organism. Bergkraft - “power of the mountain” sports treatment. The ideal treatment to regenerate your stressed muscles. Various massage techniques, including cupping and stretching, bring the body back into balance. Manual lymphatic drainage. Soothing, rhythmic massage with detoxifying and cleansing effect that also strengthens the immune system. Anti-stress massage. This treatment relieves blockages and relaxes the muscles. Take a break from everyday life with this soothing massage. — neck, head, face — back, neck, head, face Breuss Massage. This gentle spine extension-stretch therapy with St. John's wort oil is a special treatment for back, disc and spine problems. 25 min EUR 45 50 min EUR 85 25 min/ EUR 48 50 min/ EUR 89 25 min/ EUR 48 50 min/ EUR 89 25 min/ EUR 48 50 min/ EUR 89 25 min/ EUR 48 50 min/ EUR 92 50 min EUR 94 Morgentau Special Application. We design a massage according to your wishes. Choose from different high-quality essential oils and your preferred massage techniques. 50 min EUR 99 80 min EUR 142

REGIONAL INSIDER TIPS 03 Relax Massage. Enjoy the scent of the Alps with this relaxing full body massage with high-quality alpine oil from our Signature Line . 50 min EUR 94 Ötztal stone massage. Cold and warm stones, hand-selected from the Ötztal Ache River, are placed on the body. At the same time, a full-body massage relaxes you in a unique way. Stone-pine vital massage. Experience a full body massage with pine wood and special massage techniques. Swiss stone pine wood is known for its relaxing and calming effect. Tyrolean honey massage. Pamper your back with a full body massage with honeyginger oil, special massage honey and a beeswax pack. — Facial mask and facial massage. Herbal stamp massage. Herbal scents relax tense muscles and tissue and increase your general wellbeing. The herbal stamp massage stimulates the metabolism and has both a detoxifying and skin caring effect. Edelweiss balance massage. The unique combination of classic massage with alpine edelweiss oil and special stretching and extension elements restore the body balance. Ötztal sheep's-wool cocooning - ideal for pregnant women. Nestled in pure sheep’s wool with an herbal mixture of Swiss stone pine and alpine rose, you are pampered with a relaxing micro-massage with small balls of sheep’s wool. This treatment is complemented by an incense with local mountain herbs, for more intensive relaxation. 50 min/ EUR 99 80 min/ EUR 142 50 min/ EUR 99 80 min/ EUR 142 50 min/ EUR 99 80 min/ EUR 142 50 min/ EUR 99 80 min/ EUR 142 50 min EUR 97 50 min EUR 126