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PRIVATE SPA SUITE Cuddle Time for Two Escape from everyday life and celebrate exclusive twosome moments - a treat for every couple! In the elegant BOVI stone bathtub of the Private SPA Suite with its soft natural tones, a fragrant candlelit bath awaits you. And sparkling Prosecco is ready. So romantic! Goal: Unwind from everyday stress together as a couple and relax body and mind. 40 min EUR 115 PRIVATE SPA for Two Time for two in absolute tranquillity in a private setting? The sauna, steam bath and BOVI stone bathtub in the Private SPA Suite are waiting for you - for relaxing moments for two. An exclusive spa setting - just for two. After the sauna or steam bath sessions, you can enjoy Prosecco, water and tea. Goal: Find relaxation and boost your metabolism with spa hours together. 120 min EUR 205 Mountainscapes for Two Honey is considered anti-inflammatory, provides soft skin and good mood: This full-body massage with honey-ginger oil, a special massage honey, a face mask and a warm beeswax pack for the back is an all-round pampering experience. All this is followed by cuddle time in the BOVI stone bathtub in the Private Spa Suite. Goal: Improved circulation and optimal care for a happy, relaxed mood. 110 min EUR 325 Alpine Time for Two Experience the power of the Ötztal mountains together: A woodruff-scented salt scrub and a steam bath are followed by a massage with warm stone pine oil and smooth sticks made of Ötztal stone pine wood. Then it‘s time for deep relaxation and cosy togetherness in the BOVI stone bathtub in the Private Spa Suite. Goal: Genuine deep relaxation for two through the power of Ötztal stone pine. 110 min EUR 335 Morning Dew for Two Fresh as the morning dew - this is the feeling provoked by the eponymous couple’s ceremony in the Private Spa Suite: A fine salt peeling for both in preparation for the subsequent partner massage with alpine herb oil. A real treat! The relaxation is rounded off with a bath in the BOVI stone bathtub with Prosecco and candlelight. Goal: Care, relaxation and recuperation for two: This provides new strength! 110 min EUR 315 40 | Time for Two

PARTNER- TREATMENTS Let two therapists pamper both of you together in our partner rooms and enjoy twosome moments with relaxing massages and a glass of Prosecco. Partner thermal deep Relaxation Massage Surrounded by high peaks, you can breathe in the scent of the Alps during this partner treatment: The relaxing fullbody massage with high-quality alpine oil from our “thermal deep” signature line is scented with Ötztal herbs. It can relieve tension and muscular blockages, promote circulation and boost the immune system. Goal: Gain inner balance and new strength and feel the power of the mountains and fresh energy! 50 min EUR 198 Partner Tyrolean Honey Massage Honey lends a soft skin and also has a positive mental effect. This full body massage for two in our partner rooms pampers with honey ginger oil and a special massage honey. The warm, fragrant beeswax pack for the back is a real treat! (Head) aches and pains can also improve. Goal: To improve blood circulation and mobility, but also to counteract chronic fatigue. 50 min EUR 204 41