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INDIVIDUAL TREATMENTS Microdermabrasion Fine crystals are used to remove the uppermost layers of the epidermis in a controlled and painless manner. Cornification is loosened and the barrier layer on the skin surface is removed. This can help, for example, with pigmentation disorders and age spots, acne, stretch marks, tired or blemished skin and scars. Goal: A finer skin texture with reduced wrinkle depth, as well as better absorption of active ingredients. Face: 50 min EUR 128 Face, neck & décolleté: 80 min EUR 168 Ultrasound Treatment Here, the potential of ultrasound, long proven in medicine, is used for stateof-the-art cosmetics: With its help, active ingredients can be infiltrated deep into the skin - with immediately visible results. Optimal, for example, for activating metabolism and cell regeneration as well as for tightening connective tissue. Particularly effective after microdermabrasion. Goal: The aim is a smoother skin, as well as a significant reduction of wrinkles, pigment spots, etc. 50 min EUR 98 Anti-cellulite Treatment First, the lymph flow is activated by a suction wave massage. The special feature: The rhythmic cupping massage thereby „aerates“ the tissue and unblocks it. This can significantly improve the metabolic processes. Subsequently, ultrasound is used to introduce special active substances to activate fat burning. Goal: To intensively tighten, shape and firm the connective tissue from inside out. Thighs & buttocks: 50 min EUR 124 Thighs, buttocks & abdominal region: 80 min EUR 168 PACKAGES Perfect Beauty Package 1x complete microdermabrasion, 80 min 1x ultrasound treatment, 50 min 130 min EUR 238 Short Beauty Package 1x microdermabrasion, 50 min 1x ultrasound treatment, 50 min 100 min EUR 204 Cellulite Combi 1x microdermabrasion, 80 min 1x cellulite treatment, 50 min 130 min EUR 258 Intensive Beauty Package 1x microdermabrasion, 80 min 1x ultrasound treatment, 50 min 1x cellulite treatment, 80 min 210 min EUR 398 32 | FUHLENDORF®