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18 FITNESS AND HEALTH Our certified fitness and health coaches show you how to prevent and relieve back pain. The key to pain-free movement lies in the targeted strengthening of the muscles (back, neck, shoulders), as well as the stretching of muscles that tend to shorten. During this 30 or 60-minute personal workout, our coaches give you exercises tailored to your individual needs and show you how to continue training at home, without a gym. coaching personal coaching, 30 min. EUR 30 personal coaching, 60 min. EUR 60 Float in the warm water surrounded by mountains, activated and stretched by gentle yoga exercises and forget the world around you with the help of simple meditation techniques. A private yoga session with our trained Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher offers you the unique opportunity to learn yoga in its most original form. We can respond perfectly to your individual wishes and previous knowledge to offer you an unforgettable yoga experience amidst the Alps. Determine your individual time, duration and location 60 min. 90 min. 120 min. EUR 60 EUR 90 EUR 120 Appointments can be arranged at the fitness centre, at 05253 6400 6100 or by e-mail