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Anti-stress Massage Do

Anti-stress Massage Do you find it particularly challenging to switch off at the moment? This soothing treatment releases blockages, relaxes the muscles and can also help you to let go mentally. Goal: Targeted stress reduction on a mental and physical level. Neck, head, face: 25 min EUR 48 Back, neck, head, face: 50 min EUR 88 Breuss Massage This gentle stretching therapy of the spine, developed by the alternative practitioner Rudolf Breuss, is considered a special treatment for back, intervertebral disc and spinal problems. We use mood-lifting St. John‘s wort oil for the massage and finish off with a back revitalisation. Goal: Local relaxation of the muscles, release of adhesions and reduction of stress. 50 min EUR 98 Aroma Oil Massage It is not only the gentle massage, but also the special scent experience that helps to regain balance. You can spontaneously choose the desired effect: Three different aroma oils have either a calming effect like the mountains, a balancing effect like water or a stimulating effect for new strength. Goal: Relaxing, balancing or invigorating, depending on individual preference. 50 min EUR 98 80 min EUR 145 Individual Massage Time Sometimes you want to feel relaxed after a massage, other times invigorated and revitalised. Depending on you need at the moment. That‘s why we tailor the massage to your individual wishes and favourite massage techniques. Goal: To respond individually to personal circumstances - for an optimal result - tailored to the individual wishes. 50 min EUR 98 80 min EUR 145 DETOX MASSAGES DETOX Birch Oil Massage Ready for a good mood and body toning? With its fresh, green leaves, the birch tree heralds the awakening of spring and a new beginning. This detox massage for back and legs is performed with special massage cups („cupping“) and stimulates the blood circulation of the skin. Birch oil also has a firming, mood-lifting and sleeppromoting effect. Goal: To increase the firmness of the skin and experience a positive, harmonious mood. 50 min EUR 98 DETOX Intensive Massage Because appropriate combinations often lead to faster success: This two-in-one massage integrates elements of manual lymph drainage and foot reflexology. By activating the lymphatic system and the reflex zones, detoxification is actively stimulated - also in the organs. A detox tea adds to the effect. Goal: To give the body and organs a particularly intensive detox kick! 80 min EUR 145 18 | Massages

DETOX Body Treatment First, the skin is cleansed and toned with a salt peeling: This is the optimal preparation for the subsequent algae pack with its detoxifying effect. It helps to loosen water retention and fat deposits, and stimulates the metabolism to reboot. The skin is nourished with essential trace elements, vitamins and minerals. Goal: To provide a liberating body feeling with the concentrated power of nature. 50 min EUR 98 DETOX Pack: Add-on to the Massages Stimulates the body‘s detoxification centre: This liver herbal pack in combination with a special detox liver oil has a circulation-promoting, decongestant, warming and anti-inflammatory effect. It is the ideal support for the liver‘s activity and can easily be combined with any other massage. Goal: To give all massages an additional, intensive detox kick! Additional fee: EUR 15 FEEL-GOOD MOMENTS Alpine Scrub This special peeling treatment intensively stimulates the skin as well as the body‘s self-regulating functions. The fine alpine herbal scent of our thermal deep products, created especially for the AQUA DOME, is both effective and soothing for the senses. Goal: Rejuvenation and strengthening for particularly soft and activated skin! 25 min EUR 44 Alpine Fango Experience a warming mud pack while the gentle, spicy scent of Alpine herbs surrounds you. The pack is applied to the desired part of the body - e.g., the back - and left to work for about 20 minutes before being removed with a warm compress. Goal: Extremely beneficial, e.g., to relieve tension! 25 min EUR 48 Bathing Ceremony The springs that feed the AQUA DOME from a depth of 1865 metres are centuries old. Just like the tradition of taking a healing “Badl”. This treatment also involves immersion in the precious, warm thermal water. Combined with a full body water massage, you get perfect relaxation! A great preparation for a subsequent massage. Goal: To calm body and mind and relax (the muscles). 25 min EUR 40 Anti-stress Back Treatment The best for a relaxed back in an effective combination: First, immerse yourself in the precious thermal water during our bathing ceremony. Then enjoy a relaxing back massage and finish the session with a soothingly warm alpine fango pack. This way, even the last tensions can disappear. Goal: Rest and care for the back - and to generate new strength from deep relaxation! 80 min EUR 145 19