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14 AESTHETIC PROGRAMME WITH FUHLENDORF Discover the secret of beautiful radiant skin. Only 3 steps to an efficient facial treatment with lasting results: 1. microdermabrasion - intensive exfoliation 2. suction wave massage - tissue-toning skin massage 3. ultrasound treatment - introduction of active substances into deep skin layers The synergy of state-of-the-art high-tech equipment and specially developed and clinically tested active agent gels forms the basis for beautiful and healthy skin. "High-tech" means skin care with state-ofthe-art technology - the facial treatment is not only carried out by skilled hands, but also supported by modern medical equipment. The result is immediately visible and lasting. FUHLENDORF INDIVIDUAL TREATMENTS Microdermabrasion. Fine crystals are used to remove cornified skin, which increases the absorbency of the subsequently used care agents. The suction wave massage that is applied thereafter stimulates the connective tissue, lymph and metabolism. The typespecific gel is then worked into the skin using ultrasound. — Face — Face, neck & décolleté Ultrasound treatment. Ultrasound allows special active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin - you can feel and see the result immediately. Ideal for rounding off the microdermabrasion treatment. — Face, neck & décolleté Anti-cellulite treatment. The lymph flow and metabolism are activated by a suction wave massage, followed by an ultrasound treatment, which allows the penetration of special substances to activate fat burning. The connective tissue is visibly toned, shaped and permanently strengthened. — Thighs, buttocks — Thighs, buttocks and abdominal region 50 min EUR 125 80 min EUR 165 50 min EUR 95 50 min EUR 120 80 min EUR 165

15 FUHLENDORF PACKAGES Aesthetic Perfect Beauty. Recommended from 1 night’s stay. 1 x complete microdermabrasion, 80 min. 1 x ultrasound treatment, 50 min. Aesthetic Short. Recommended from 1 night’s stay. 1 x microdermabrasion, 50min. 1 x ultrasound treatment, 50 min. Aesthetic Cellulite Combi. Recommended from 2 nights’ stay. 1 x microdermabrasion, 80min. 1 x cellulite treatment, 50 min. Aesthetic Intensive. Recommended from 3 nights’ stay. 1 x microdermabrasion, 80min. 1 x ultrasound treatment, 50 min. 1 x cellulite treatment, 80 min. EUR 242 EUR 204 EUR 255 EUR 407