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AQUA DOME Beautyfolder 2019 - EN

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face & body treatments

face & body treatments with !QMS medicosmetics 13 !QMS Medicosmetics - for over 25 years the name for high-quality and revolutionary skin care from the brand founder and inventor, Dr. med. Erich Schulte, double-qualified doctor, cosmetic surgeon and cosmetics developer with international reputation. The products used offer the highest level of quality and efficiency and are greatly appreciated by both our professional beauticians and our discerning guests. An effective gift to your beauty! !QMS Skin Re-Balance. Innovation combined with a healthy skin feeling. In this superb facial your skin is cleansed intensively and the deep penetration of highly effective fruit acids and enzymes gives it a subtle appearance. An innovative collagen serum, as well as a rich mask leave a fresh, healthy and balanced complexion. !QMS Collagen Rejuvenation. Replenishing, revitalising, amazing: An almost unprecedented treatment combination in terms of skin nurturing and nourishing. Suitable for all skin types, it pampers stressed and strained skin very effectively. Enriched with the unique collagen !QMS, it balances the signs of skin ageing lastingly and gives a youthful, radiant complexion. Feel it for yourself. !QMS Anti Cellulite Contouring. Highly effective and exclusive. Set accents in terms of wellbeing and body awareness with the shaping anti-cellulite contouring treatment from !QMS. The active ingredient combination of three revolutionary products ensures targeted success on the abdomen, thighs and hips. It visibly refines the skin structure and tones the body contours. Add-on – Pure Oxygen Boost. 95 percent oxygen is sprayed onto the prepared skin and stimulates the skin metabolism as well as its renewal process. This has a refreshing effect on tired skin and induces deeper collagen penetration into the skin. 50 min. EUR 109.00 80 min. EUR 155.00 80 min. EUR 139.00 20 min. EUR 39.00